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February 3 2003 - Updato!

First of all; big thanks to everyone who were at Bar Alahuone last Saturday! We had a great time playing with great bands in front of great people, thanks. "IRAQI" -tshirts (see Consume page) were sold out and ordered too, we hope to have new ones done fast. Good to see you support the cause.

To what it's all about; New Blanket Material will be up for download and listen this Friday (Feb 7 '03). We recorded and mixed three new songs in three days at the brilliant Harju studio and will be mastering this Thursday. Check back then and we hope you'll download and dig the new stuff. Later. Peace.

January 8 2003 - Aktivism!

Howdy ev'rybody. Some nice updates on these pages; first (1st), a cool in-yer-face t-shirt can be purchased thru the Consume page. Suffocated for years now by US/UN sanctions, good to remind ourselves that the people of Iraq shit and stink just like you and me. So show a bit of solidarity in the vain of "We are all American" after 9/11. Wear a statement as the bombs start to fall. The t-shirt is home-printed, but still durable, so it's available in basically in any size or color. Order thru the page or with a freeform email to Thanks.

Secondly (2nd), we have some new live mp3's available at the Blanket Live Recordings page. Recorded in December 2002 at the TVO gig in Turku. Fairly good shit.

Thirdly (3rd), the Blanket in the Press page was updated with some current reviews for our label's maiden effort: the Independent Fruit Company Volume 1. A must in everyone's record collection, get yours while stocks last.

That's about it; we'll be entering the great Harju studio next weekend. This is the place where we put "Good King" and "My Echo" on tape, maybe our best recordings so far, so expectations are running high. The plan is to record "Reservoir" and "Henry the Killer", we'll see how it goes. Wish us luck. Of course, we'll have mp3's up as soon as humanly possible. Later, folks.

October 22 2002 - For Sale!

The first release "Volume 1" from our beloved label, the pseudo-revolutionary Independent Fruit Company, is now up for sale at various local record shops. Blanket is featured on the 4-band compilation with three great songs and one video, so it's good stuff. The CD+ can be found and bought in these wonderful shops in Helsinki:

- Stupido Shop, Iso Roba 20-22
- Dis 'n Dat, Kaisaniemen metroasema
- Oskun Divari, Runeberginkatu 8
- Tunnelin Levy, Asematunneli
and also:
- Swamp Music, Tuomiokirkonkatu 32, Tampere (coming up)

So go there and consume right away. If you can't make it to these outlets, you should order the CD online from our Buy Stuff Now page. Don't delay, 40 minutes of great music from great local bands for only 5 euro is a bargain you don't want to miss!

Also; we have some cool new gigs coming up, thanks to the efforts of Clark Kent guitarist Jukka, so mark your calendars and prepare to rok!

Consume Vol 1 buy now anywhere

October 1 2002 - Funky New Look!

Hey, the Blanket Web Portal Experience has gone under a small facelift. (rip L.S.) A new opening page with fast access to the essence of Blanket for those in a hurry, just passing by or with an attention disorder. Blanket Videos received a page of its own and BIOgraphy was updated with current world events. Otherwise the pages are pretty much the same massive content with an adjusted look.

The Nearly-Free Record Shop page was updated with the Independent Fruit Company release Volume 1. There's a ton of good reasons for purchasing this piece of contemporary art as the music per dollar (or should i say euro) ratio is extremely good; 40 minutes of great music for only 5 euro. You can't beat that. The Blanket video for "Good King" can also be found on the CD with a compatible personal computer.

We are also happy to have a few very interesting gigs coming up and even some studio time booked for early 2003, so things are rolling along good. Rok Hard!

August 31 2002 - Whoa, New Music!

Hi everyone! Super cool updates for you; first and foremost, Four (4) New Songs for your listening pleasure are up in blazing mp3 at the Studio Releases page! Go and take a listen, don't delay. The Arkki sessions from last May, which were extensively Fotographed among other things, left us with four new songs recorded / demoed quite hastily, so these four songs might not be 'released' in any other media except mp-tres. We'd love to hear your comments on the newer songs via email or public forum!

Which brings us nicely to another important update; it's been cool to get a few very meaningful entries to the Blanketed GUESTBOOK. The questions thrown were answered carefully, thanks a whole lot for the motivation and keep on making yer mark!. Also, keep an eye for the upcoming record release party on Sep 14th at Wäiski, be sure to make it there, bring your friends and family along too. It's going to be a special night! Enjoy the new songs meanwhile. Rok on.

July 21 2002 - Blanket Mobile Portals!

Hi, content for the sake of content, again. Featuring the Blanket Mobile Phone Logos (tm) courtesy of We follow da time.

logo blanketlogo1

logo blanketlogo2

To order one for Your mobile, write one of the above phrases ("logo blanketlogo1" or "logo blanketlogo2") as SMS to the number 173281. This should only work in Finland, but it might work from elsewhere as well (+358 173281). Don't know. The LIVE = CONSUME page has pretty much the same info.

The GIGs page was updated with the info on the Factory gig and some feedback was added to the GUESTbook. That's about it, remember to come to the Semifinal gig on Friday 26th, it should be a good night of rok! See y'all.

June 17 2002 - Fotoz and more!

Hi y'all. First; thanks for using your constitutional right to make a difference: we did well on MoonTV's Taisto program and were played around 5 times... Thanks a bunch! The rumored appearence on Never Trust a Hippie didn't happen for some reason, but we'll try to stick ourselves there - as well as other visual medias - too in the future.

Our friend Mr. Jussi took a camera to the final day of recording as we were putting together material for the upcoming Independent Fruit Company Volume 1 compilation release due late-July 2002. 23 selected shots were added to the FOTOz pay-g. We look so professional. Later.

May 20 2002 - The Rok Video!

Yeahh! The Rok Video (tm) is finally here, digitized and all. Get yourself to a good net connection and click on to the VIDEOs subpage! The quality on the lower bandwidths (56 kbps) is pretty bad, but the downloadables are real good, so try them first. Huge thanks once again to Mikko Hänninen and everyone else involved; no-one got paid, but worked their asses off for our little piece of pop culture. Click here for full cast and credits.

The video can hopefully be seen now on the excellent Finnish cable station MoonTV, at least on the program "Never Trust a Hippie" from the 22nd of May. We're not 100% sure about this. Also, you can and should vote for the video on MoonTV Top6 videos program "Taisto" by following this link or surfing to the MoonTV site and clicking on "Taisto" from the menu on the left. You can vote every two hours or so, so keep on klikking!

And we have finally settled the date for the Semifinal gig, it's on July 26th with the excellent Clark Kent and The Great Oshkosh Experience. More gigs to be announced shortly...

May 3 2002 - Updato.

A quick litl' update; we just finished the recording of four new songs: "Loviisa", "Petroskoi", "Travelaway" and "Istanbul" (workin' titlez). We'll be mixing next week and hope to have the new stuff out after that. Jussi hung out for the final day of recording w/ a digicamera, so we'll have new photos up also in the near future.

Sorry for the delay with the video; it's done, but it's harder than we thought to get the damn thing digitized and shit, but we'll keep on trying hard. Stay tuned, boyz and girlz.

April 5 2002 - Still rokin'.

Hi. Time = fast, Blanket = slow, but we try. We have good news; the much anticipated Rok Video (tm) is done. And it's damn good too. A few lucky souls have been given a sneak preview, we'll be shipping it out to all possible tv stations as soon as we know how; let's see if they play it. If you have the luxury of a fast internet connection, we'll be placing the thing online as soon as possible (should be up in a week or so). Stay hungry.

Also, a cool little achievement; our "promo5" disc got very good reviews in the demo section of the bi-weekly Finnish rok magazine Rumba. The demo column was guest-hosted by the founders of the Merceedee's Production Company and they were nice enough to give us top honors! Read the PRESS page and see for yourself.

We might be digging the ground from under us, but it's so easy that it's hard to resist. Teppo brought a laptop to practice yesterday and in under 24 hours we have some sound clips available on-line. The Odds and Ends page has four jams for a very acquired taste. You have been warned. Take care.