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"This is the New Wave of Political Rock"-LP
eyes wide shut
software developer
bags under my eyes
madeleine the murderer / henry the killer

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All words written by Ville.

eyes wide shut

eyes wide shut    <-->  <-->
^    ^    ^ 
Bombs for Breakfast
Death for Dinner
I Fry Children All Thru The Night (w/ Willy Pete)

But I Know I'm Here Cause
I'm Just a Poor Boy
With No Way Out But Going to War, No!
The Dreams Of Old Men 
Come Our Nightmares (thanks 2 Sir R. Fisk)
And That's The Way It's Been From the Start

And Your Words - Will Never Meet - This World - Where the People Cry 
I Will Judge - You - By the Dead All Around
[Not the Benign Intent You Utter that Some Take For Actions]

 when i promised i'd die for you
 when i swore i would die
  i wish i'd been lying

 eyes wide shut into the minefield
 eyes wide shut into the crossfire

[And The Real Question Is]
For How Long Will the Poor Support This System?
Happy For The Crumbs The Rich Men Spare Them

Cause It Sure As Hell Won't Be Them Dying

Would You Trade Your Own Son For Me?
Would You Trade Your Own Blood So I Could Go Home?  Please?  Pretty Please?


lucky me. my life is worth a hundred africans.
and valued at fifty-five palestinians.
i do the math as Reuters too and I know my price.
i am not disheartened by that i'm half an american

  and I fail to give in that I'm this special
  if all this madness can stress, we're all equal, a sequel

news agencys are filling me with a western view
one could only wish that what they report is true
the trust in you to explain the world, but you distort the game
lull to sleep and appear diverse, but you're all the same

  and I fail to believe that we're this special
  if all this madness can stress, we're all equal, a sequel

 yes i know there is no  real choice left
 just the amount of freedom  you choose to give away
 i know i will be smiling  and laughing all the way, i know, we know

  and I fail to believe that we're this special
  if all this sadness can stress, we're all equal, a sequel


the quiet will rise from the cracks
of broken homes and railroad tracks
the decay swells underneath
it will tear apart this lonely street 

the quiet will rise and there'll be no more
quiet as they pass the microphone
not underground but in your home
generations left alone

ch1	we are the victims of ourselves
	we're bound and broke with everything
	got genitals in a magazine

flooded is my pool of waste
 uncared in this mindless haste
Cipramil® my guiding star
 will never drain this reservoir

ch2 	we are the victims of our times
	we're bound and broke with all our lies
	got ab machines on my tv screen

end	cause all i had to give
end	was never quite enough
Cipramil® is a registered trademark of H.Lundbeck A/S.


Action (time time, for some)
- - - - - - - - - - >

you must feel like a freedom fighter
strapped with all that C4
you must feel like you're helping someone
please son take your time, inaction don't make you chickenshit 
and i know you know
where the enemy is strong
i know civilian death is wrong

it don't take a man to bomb a night club
boys and girls that won't shoot back
you cowards and your holy nonsense
think of what you say, this road don't end in god's home

repeat chorus

c: and I can feel your vast hopelessness
   but no good will ever come from this violence

and it's the same-old power structure
the dumbest are the ones being strapped
I feel it's such a shame since we only have this one chance
don't waste it away on more disaster my friend

and i know you know
where the enemy is strong
i know civilian death is wrong
i know where the real war is on (not here)
and i can tell you where to go (really.  i've got coordinates.)



how to survive in this imperfect world
how to shrug off the weight of it all
you can say i'm a part of the problem but stop (it's fair to say)
i want to you to show me someone who is not (please can you)

got nails in my coffin as you do too
i just don't understand how it's stopping you
the dispair, the heart-break, the tears that we shed
are all the worth the trouble to me now today

bridge:  do what you do
         i'm just fine
         i'd rather not care 
         than constantly whine

ch;   happy here with no teeth
      so glad  that you made it here
      if all i had was this space and this time
       it would be enough for me

how to keep on smiling when it's all going wrong
how to rise up and keep staying strong
shadrach my man has (kindly) showed me the way 
this capitalistically-challenged-young-man

come what may - i'm always bulletproof with this 


                  ...  tested
                  ...  my light / implore / FB / 
			...	atomkraft loviisa

Enlighten my path you chosen one 
Enlighten my way i am your son 
The power that they invest in you
The power that they swore was true (the Force)

Follow the pain of followers
And worship the crowd of worshippers
In vain i call your helping hand 
Unveiled to be just made of man (Uncloaked)

ch;	he is a god and i'm a former believer 
        vast is the hope that i wasted on him 
	of all the things that i said believe in 
	all of that force i found in me 

Richness of life producing you
Vastness of death unanswered too
How could our hearts be lifted to (minds) (ascended)
The goodness in man so real and true (spirit) (so)

my two hands

my two (2) hands

children love me, they care for me
children love me, they care for me they care for me

grown ups love me, they build for me
grown ups love me, they build for me they build for me

i am nowhere, i'm in your head
i am nowhere, i'm in your head i'm in your head

ch:  how's a world created?
     plates of gold located
     I had a dream and now they move to strange lands
     how's a lie not faded?
     girls sub-ordinated
     Shine some love and they'll eat from my two hands

and all the love seems fine but the premise is flawed beyond repair


i don't want to be a software developer


i wanna be in Big Lego / Physiogas / Huge Android / Blender /
i wanna wear some big-ole (cool) shades (shake my but)
i wanna be i wanna be
something more, more than me

  	pretty baby yeah

i wanna be unreachable
five years ahead a trend 
i wanna be original
and sing about the minimal

	pretty baby yeah

i wish i was as cool as you
look at me i'm so s-s-serious (oh poor me)
(that's the way i was brought up to be)

bags under my eyes

you hope, hope of better days
compare to other ways
to you it seems, their grass is greener

and you dream, dream of something more
but you don't know just what for
the truth is dear, it won't get brighter here

meanwhile, i'm torn a million ways
i'm spent and used for days
assuring that it's not forever

but i'm strong, strong to keep you from
capsizing in this storm
i have your woes in bags under my eyes

bridge: and as every day passes i question this choice
                                i stifle this voice
        and all the while that i'm willing you on
                               i'm standing

see if all that glitters is gold 
  then only half the story's told

and who is able to define
just where to draw the line?
how much of me such i be spending

and since we only get this single show 
it seems too much for me to bare

and I've been told escape is never
the safest path for one to take

there isn't a single point, a point of no return

there isn't a single choice, where we took this turn

there isn't a single place, no place i'd rather be

madeleine the murderer / henry the killer

Lesley Stahl, speaking of US sanctions against Iraq: "We have heard that a 
half million children have died.  I mean, that's more children than died 
in Hiroshima. And - and you know, is the price worth it?" 
Madeleine Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price -- 
we think the price is worth it." - CBS "60 Minutes", May 12, 1996 

a song about Henry     Kissinger the Killer
         and Madeleine Albright  the Mass Murderer
             --- we know them by the trail of the dead

dear Madeleine,
 outsource their lives and sleep well
 rule and not care who is dead 
 cause we are all just like you 
       we are all children too 

dear Henry,
 draw broad lines and sell yourself
 the destinies you manifest
 and we resign to your plan
     we bow down  to the man

 take a flight down and account for
 all the thousands that are no more
 what if it's someone you love
 what if it were your only son

chorus	politics of power
uno	reduce them to a number
	violence is justice
        and to what end? (where does it stop?)

 instill fear and you'll be blessed
 fund your jobs and mute the dissidents
 we see thru your old disguise
 we see no truth in your lies

chorus	hear the sound of torture
tvÄ	in your highest tower
	smell the burning people
	i know i can

"If love is blind, patriotism has lost all five senses." - William Blum - 
Rogue State.