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Lyrics - the EP's and what not

"Blanket/Varttisäkki -split"
my sworn enemy

henry the killer

i don't want to be a software developer

kill the kids

my echo
good king

not a terrific organization
+ (a bonus trak)

think! thru!
& i wish u
she has nothing

do without

lyrics to "This is the New Wave of Political Rock"
lyrics to unreleased/more_forgotten songs

Lyrics sorted by release. All words written by Ville.


Action (time time, for some)
- - - - - - - - - - >

you must feel like a freedom fighter
strapped with all that C4
you must feel like you're helping someone
please son take your time, inaction don't make you chickenshit 
and i know you know
where the enemy is strong
i know civilian death is wrong

it don't take a man to bomb a night club
boys and girls that won't shoot back
you cowards and your holy nonsense
think of what you say, this road don't end in god's home

repeat chorus

c: and I can feel your vast hopelessness
   but no good will ever come from this violence

and it's the same-old power structure
the dumbest are the ones being strapped
I feel it's such a shame since we only have this one chance
don't waste it away on more disaster my friend

and i know you know
where the enemy is strong
i know civilian death is wrong
i know where the real war is on 
and i can tell you where to go


hey listen downtrotten fighters 
stand up and raise your voices
unlearn your sheepnoises
cause i know you really could

it's unattainable living
they're sheep in wolf clothing
so stop your self-loathing
when you've got friends all around

 rolemodels rolemodels have you prance around

break from submission
they send a false vision
they got a virtual decision to make
for unassuming prey

 rolemodels rolemodels have you bowing down

ch: as you look to them to guide
thru all your troubled times
in your dispair can they be there?
see it runs a one-way line
phony pictures of corporate mistresses

yes i'm poor and i'm ugly
it ain't much to keep me smiling
but the problems stop piling
when i get up and dance

 rolemodels rolemodels never hold your hand

my sworn enemy

my sworn enemy
i sware you were drinking blood
from the veins of my brother and the cup of my mother now

my sworn enemy
i had you right where i wanted you
as the root of all evil and the peril of mankind

but then you turn out 
a fairly nice guy to be around

my sworn enemy 
you had face of the devil and
you were to be stopped with the rest of your kind

my sworn enemy 
i despised your name and
everything you stood for was profoundly wrong

but then you turn out 
a fairly nice guy to be around

my sworn enemy 
you turned out hard to hate
i thought i could break
you were a better man
we had a good time!

henry the killer

Lesley Stahl, speaking of US sanctions against Iraq: "We have heard that a 
half million children have died.  I mean, that's more children than died 
in Hiroshima. And - and you know, is the price worth it?" 
Madeleine Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price -- 
we think the price is worth it." - CBS "60 Minutes", May 12, 1996 

a song about Henry     Kissinger the Killer
         and Madeleine Albright  the Mass Murderer
             --- we know them by the trail of the dead

outsource their lives and sleep well
rule and not care who is dead 
cause we are all just like you 
      we are all children too 

draw broad lines and sell yourself
the destinies you manifest
and we resign to your plan
    we bow down  to the man

take a flight down and account for
all the thousands that are no more
what if it's someone you love
what if it were your only son

chorus	politics of power
uno	reduce them to a number
	violence is justice
        and to what end? (where does it stop?)

instill fear and you'll be blessed
fund your jobs and mute the dissidents
we see thru your old disguise
we see no truth in your lies

chorus	hear the sound of torture
två	in your highest tower
	smell the burning people
	i know i can

"If love is blind, patriotism has lost all five senses." - William Blum - 
Rogue State.



lucky me. my life is worth a hundred africans.
and valued at fifty-five palestinians.
i do the math as Reuters too and I know my price.
i am not disheartened by that i'm half an american

  and I fail to give in that I'm this special
  if all this madness can stress, we're all equal, a sequel

news agencys are filling me with a western view
one could only wish that what they report is true
the trust in you to explain the world, but you distort the game
lull to sleep and appear diverse, but you're all the same

  and I fail to believe that we're this special
  if all this madness can stress, we're all equal, a sequel

 yes i know there is no  real choice left
 just the amount of freedom  you choose to give away
 i know i will be smiling  and laughing all the way, i know, we know

  and I fail to believe that we're this special
  if all this sadness can stress, we're all equal, a sequel

"It is an appearance of diversity with uniformity of goal." -
Noam Chomsky on western media


the quiet will rise from the cracks
of broken homes and railroad tracks
the decay swells underneath
it will tear apart this lonely street 

the quiet will rise and there'll be no more
quiet as they pass the microphone
not underground but in your home
generations left alone

ch1	we are the victims of ourselves
	we're bound and broke with everything
	got genitals in a magazine

flooded is my pool of waste
 uncared in this mindless haste
Cipramil® my guiding star
 will never drain this reservoir

ch2 	we are the victims of our times
	we're bound and broke with all our lies
	got ab machines on my tv screen

end	cause all i had to give
end	was never quite enough

Cipramil® is a registered trademark of H.Lundbeck A/S.


                  ...  tested
                  ...  my light / implore / FB / 
			...	atomkraft loviisa

Enlighten my path you chosen one 
Enlighten my way i am your son 
The power that they invest in you
The power that they swore was true (the Force)

Follow the pain of followers
And worship the crowd of worshippers
In vain i call your helping hand 
Unveiled to be just made of man (Uncloaked)

ch;	he is a god and i'm a former believer 
        vast is the hope that i wasted on him 
	of all the things that i said believe in 
	all of that force i found in me 

Richness of life producing you
Vastness of death unanswered too
How could our hearts be lifted to (minds) (ascended)
The goodness in man so real and true (spirit) (so)



how to survive in this imperfect world
how to shrug off the weight of it all
you can say i'm a part of the problem but stop (it's fair to say)
i want to you to show me someone who is not (please can you)

got nails in my coffin as you do too
i just don't understand how it's stopping you
the dispair, the heart-break, the tears that we shed
are all the worth the trouble to me now today

bridge:  do what you do
         i'm just fine
         i'd rather not care 
         than constantly whine

ch;   happy here with no teeth
      so glad  that you made it here
      if all i had was this space and this time
       it would be enough for me

how to keep on smiling when it's all going wrong
how to rise up and keep staying strong
shadrach my man has (kindly) showed me the way 
this capitalistically-challenged-young-man

come what may - i'm always bulletproof with this 


it's time to travelaway and it's not my business whether you stay

i don't want to be a software developer


i wanna be in Big Lego / Physiogas / Huge Android / Blender /
i wanna wear some big-ole (cool) shades (shake my but)
i wanna be i wanna be
something more, more than me

  	pretty baby yeah

i wanna be unreachable
five years ahead a trend 
i wanna be original
and sing about the minimal

	pretty baby yeah

i wish i was as cool as you
look at me i'm so s-s-serious (oh poor me)
(that's the way i was brought up to be)


..	this is a call 
..	for a global
....	seize of power - testimonial

	paint a picture using water
	something i've been taught to do
 	shift (turn) the blame upon my fathers
  	the worst of all time are my kind

     	there's no doubt we are the Devil (demon) 
 	i have this case all figured out
	hope the surge of good Mohammed
         will be more than we were all about

ch	Testimonial
or	1) 400 years on trial
us	2) my white face on trial
--	3) christians on trial
--      time to be a man and face the blame
--      time to clear the desk and fade away
--	time to change the lead and take the blame

	i found (see) thru our propaganda
	a case of winner's history  
	so dismount your racist high horse
	there's no "enlightment" here I see

  	testimonial - i wash my hands to rinse the blood 
	              but they won't come clean
	              the Devil is my name (notchild)

"For 400 years the white man killed us, tortured us, robbed us of
our names and justice, raped our women and burned our houses - 
and you are _questioning_ that they are the devil?  You have to
prove yourself..." - Muhammad Ali 1971


	O.SL.O [my.ill-faith]

       hey optimist minimize my fear
       our best will never lead us here (wake / lift)
       carry us over time
       masses of men alive 

          did you know
          you can fight tear gas
          but the rules will never change

       hey we can go light up Prague
       demonstrate in the yard 
       don't say that it's all we are
       the wheel will just spin and kill us running 

          did you know 
          we are bystanders 
          and the rules will never change

ch; hesitate.all in vain.even to blame.
     i'm a man.yes i am
     see it all.though we might care.efficiency will never share.
     i'm a man.grain of sand
      all in all it's all we are 
      all in all it's all we have
      all in all i'm all we have

       indifference and denial
       temptation to stand in file
       don't give in just do what's right
       there's never an useless fight my brother

          did you know
          you are my heroes
           but it doesn't mean we'll never win
c-osa: i never want you to feel, something too rational 
                           be,   something that i never wore, a whore
                                 like the rest 85% [ 5% create fantasies
                                                    10% don't believe
                                                    85% believe in lies]

"solidarity is not about logic, it's about compassion
you rationalize and fail to see the fragile state of this moment. 
you choose not to walk in another man's shoes. 
even though you talk of hope, your heart doesn't keep it alive.
I see the walk and try to walk it as well."


 m i l a no     (the ugly poor vs. pretty rich people)
                (pasifists vs. fascists)
 a		(liberals vs. conservatives)
 manufactured 	(socialists vs. capitalists)
  div ide     	(blanket vs. xxxx)
 he's the one with all the pretty words
 i'm the one with mine
 he's the one with all the creditcards (mastercard)
 i'm the one with none (that's on)

 they're the ones who want whatever they want they can buy
 we're the ones who dream whenever we dream we can fly

 we're the ones who feel whatever we feel it's all inside
 they're the ones who own whatever they own it's not my life

 / i never gave a shit about you or me (and you can see it my face)

 we can talk and plan whatever we plan they'll play down
 they can sit and smile whenever they smile they look fine

 they're the ones who make the choices that steer this boat around
  we're the ones who take the time to find things without a price
c-osa: (as in confession)
 i talk and think i know the world 
 why the water turns at tide
 i bend and hold it all inside (i sink, submit, i )
 the worst don't even ever try  (i'm the worst as)

 oh yes i know that talk is cheap 
 but cheap is all i ever wear
 the means to rise so hard to find ("what are the words i'll nevermind")
 surrender nears with time but i'm   calm like a bomb and i can't let go

 / if all the things i said about you
 / if only half of them were true  (that would really be something)

kill the kids

	shoot the kids in the head (fuck israel)

        saw the news today and i nearly cried
        somebody's child in Ramallah'd died
        muslim men on their forefather's land
        are now the target for an invasion plan

	 we all know that it's on but stand aside
       where's the world when my brother's house is robbed
       held in check by the world's only god / worst kind of mob
       kill the kids, it's so fun to occupy / great to terrorize
1:     talk of peace while you hide the keys and demoralize
2:     ask for calm with a stick right in their eye 

   	the devil works in so many ways
        safety claims oh they kill kids for days
        he throws a rock somewhere in Gaza land
        now they put together a funeral band

 	 they all know it's on but can't abide


	wedding song 
	weddin punk

theres a man called RAT and he lives in the woods
all the older boys said its true
and there is nothing i wouldnt believe
hes gotta a machine gun and he shoots little kids.  like me.
  been tricked by authority.
   the innocent exploited by the power-hungry
RATs on the move and i feel scared
were not his friends so were better off dead.  oh god.

(thanks to m kalenius & t lötjönen 4 inspiration)

my echo

(( MY ECHELON noloche ym )) 

time alone, in this well-kept hole, 
a chance to seize and let my head ease 
this is where i'll re-arrange, 
this is where i gather breath (in - out)

room for one, where the ticks are gone,
 (as in tick-tock)
i take this air and drift away 
this is who will keep me warm, (vibrating wood)
this is why i push on forth 

ch; freedom fighters all empower me 
truth devourers will 
 a. eminate 
 b. resonate 
 c. amplify 
 d. fortify
 e. recognize
 f. vigorate
 g. none of the above
 h. get on wit the song.
my echo, my echo is right here (on these pages)

my four walls, clad with people tall, (r"b"m & e"c"g)
show us all what we're here for 
a little voice, a trivial choice, 
to exercise solidarity 
(and not just support it in theory) 

come young runner, please spare one day, 
you'll live more by standing still 
(it's called perspective - yin vs. yang if you will)

good king

: good king 
;(bad queen) 

run away, run away my children, run away 
hide away, hide away, it's here to stay 
something of a local phenomenon 
all get engaged with good king _ethanol_ 

get away, get away my children, get away 
fly away, fly away, they'll make you pay 
more and more of a global phenomenon 
all bow your heads to good king _capital_ 

ch1; this is my clear head, 
this is my drug death 
rise above, find love 
this is my only, this means i'm lonely 
babylon living, we need a meaning 

find a way, find a way, my children, find a way 
go today, go today, there's life to save 
i know that it's a western phenomenon 
run in the hands of new king _depression_

ch2; this is my clear head, 
this is my drug death 
rise above, smile a lot 
this is my high horse, this is my life force 
babylon living, we need a meaning 

was it something i said and 
you call this "moving ahead"? 
all these toys but no bread man 

when it's hard don't just give in 
and nevermind that we're sinking 
don't compromise with this, please 

ch3; this is my clear head, 
this is my drug death 
rise above, find love (smile a lot) 
this is a big deal, 
please turn the big wheel 
babylon living, we need a meaning 
all that i'm seeing, ain't worth conceding 

"for every tool they lend us, a loss of independence" - ed ved


;;;		waterrbed 
;	slave to invent
;	how the owners are content 

	ooh you're so dumb
	ooh you're so young

	new culture here
	hijack the world i fear

	cause you're so dumb
	cause you're so numb
	cause you're so dumb
	it makes me sick to watch you

		yea my	waterbed
		luv my	waterbed
		yea my 	waterbed
			yea yea

	save save you must
	disposing waste is just

	why you're so dumb
	why you're so dumb
	why we're so dumb
	it makes me sick to want you

		oh my	waterbed
		yea my 	waterbed

	[c] and while you waste your life all being a tool
   	    you've been taken for a fool
	    we only have this once to feel good now
	    why give it away to some old fat guy (capitalistswine.sob)

	they stole you young
	now burn your suit and come
	don't be so dumb
	don't be so numb
	don't be so dumb
	it makes me sad to watch you



7FISH, 9LIGHTS and 12MONKEYS (and_a_partridge_in_a_pear_tree) 

s1: Tortured Mothers and Drunken Fathers 
Picked to Cast a Verdict (Cast To Reach) 
(Spawned a Devil Amongst Them) 

s2: Restless Oceans, Nice Trim Gardens, 
Big Facades Hides the Evil in Good Men 

cho: Tempted to Feel that Revenge is Sweet 
rus1: An Eye For an Eye Will Leave oh Everyone Blind 

cho: Tempted to See that It's All in Me 
rus2: The Only Way Forward is to Break the Chain, We Have 

s3: Ancient/Written Precept/Guidelines Strongest Messages Unlearned 
When the Stupid Yell/Get All Scared 

s4: But What We Have Seen Thru the Past Been 
That All This Venom (Killing) Got Us Nowhere 

cho:rus: 1 + 2 

c: Hi! 
osa: Hi! 
Outside See Your Way Inhuman Which Will 
Pull You Down The People Drive On As You Seek and Strive to Find 
A Neater Way of Murder When You Fire Nine Lights 
and Have Your Retribution! (Shortsighted) 

s5: (When) The Truth is Nothing 
The Poor Will Never Ever Win 
Life/All Hangs On 12 Monkeys 

s6: a Life Remaining (Blink) 
a Dead Man Sinking/Drowning (in His Wake) 
Shouldn't Numbers (>200M) Be Wiser? 

(Are You Any Better? Are You Any Better?) 

not a terrific organization

	      N*orth A*merican T*erritorial O*besity
	      N*ew A*ge of T*otalitarian O*rder
	      N*ation A*fter T*otal O*ppression
	we have this huge machine
	we built it, we keep it clean
	"i'll keep you safe", whispers the giant machine

	we ask our large machine
	got problems, solve them please 
	"i will live at last", shouts the machine with fire in its eyes
	ahead goes our big machine 
	cool missiles on the screens
	"i will bomb your land 
	 cause it is all i can", says the machine and shrugs its shoulders

* i don't want to have anything to do
* with your plan you don't seem to have a clue
* there's no peace in the violence that you send
* there's no peace cause you would be all useless then.

	we feed our big machine
	a puppet of industry
	"i just need more war", states the machine with a quirk smile

	can't stop our big machine
	too large to intervene
	"expand, they'll buy our guns
	"expand god's chosen ones", laughs the nice machine

	i've seen our western news
	they praise how good you are
	soldier mentality [important!]
	unlearn us from the scars
	are we peace partners now?
	i know you infiltrate
	cause you're not part of 
	the solution, so fuck off 


Punk Song 10/99 - INDEPENDENCE 

i don't need anyone 
don't need your fucking talk 
i'll do it by myself, yeah 
i know how to get it right 

i have all the help i need 
have it here beside of me 
the only ones who really care, yeah 
the only ones who're ever there. c'mon! 

we're young, we're free, c'mon! 

finally i found it out 
not waiting for your hand-me-out 
i have this vision in my head, yeah 
the kind of vision i like best 

even if we got nowhere 
i don't have to sit and stare 
sorry that i never tried 
made these plans but always lied 

"Jengi sanoo et mull on 
muka tapana liikaa uhota, 
meitsit sentään toimii, 
eikä pelkästään vain puhuta!" 

- Fintelligens 

+ ("3" bonus trak)

 lift away. let the earth fall. (down - sky)
 dark ground. much like my head now. (perspective)
 all the time i  thought i knew 
  but i clearly i just did not.
 when you talk a lot - 
  you say things a wise man would not.

     what goes around
     will come back i have found




verse1:	- I am the man the man
	  the ruler of all time
	- fly off to Thailand
	  and abuse some pregnant child
	- at birth I got the right
	  to make you fill my need
	- poor little peasant girl (homeless)
	  can't bite the hands that feed

chorus:	pretty girl, just standing there and looking fine (nice)
	pretty girl, a hundred bucks and you'll be mine
	cause i'm a man, in control
	i have the right, subject you all
	serving me, forgetting you (discaring)
	(yeah) I see you as a fucking tool (living/another)

verse2:	- i pick you from a line
	  (i'm) dick #40 of the night
	- she's getting paid in full 
	  (i) ain't fucking up no life


c-:	i'm dumb and i don't get it
	the problem here is me !!!
	think i'm doing you a favor (them)
	when it's all slave labor, fucker/asshole/bitch
	(using slave labor's no fucking favor, asshole)

		   it's in my hands
		   it's in my hands
		  she's in my hands
		they're in my hands


cuarenta y cinco . forty five . neljäkymmentä viisi . fyrtio fem

	hide  with the lights on full
	wish the cold and dark  never reach my haven here
	false hope, I'm swallowed where I stand
	three forces fight against me and pull me down (rain, cold, dark)

	if these cries, all dry out unheard
	my senses and the outside are forcing me to fold
	and then, what is left for me?
	these times I have more reasons to QUIT than go ahead

		I miss, I miss, I miss (the wish?)
		I miss, I miss, I miss (the bliss?)    4   4  55555
		the strength for moving forward        4   4  5 
		delight of moving thru                 44444  5555
		                                           4      5
		I miss, I miss, I miss                     4  5555
		I miss, I miss, I miss
		the light for fighting onward  (guide?)
		sound of the voice inside

	lone, feel it's much too hard
	to get me across to somewhere, I'm just lost somehow
	i yearn, to hear the guide inside (voice)
	this shield I keep and live in, _is only one (1) man wide_



	window, now a mirror more
	see my pale reflection, I'd rather see the sky
				(I'd change it for some clouds)
	my box, tropical inside
	this distance I have to out there, too long for me to drive

"People have a voice inside that talk to them. 
That is the voice that these people must listen to.
Because, in everything you're going to do, there is a wrong way 
and a right way.  And if you listen good, you will know the right way."

- Bob Marley

think! thru!


you don't bother to take the time and look in
got opinions you're never valuating
might feel strongly 'bout something not your own
placed in your head, now they have got you going


	don't believe 'em
	cause you'll feed 'em

	don't believe me
	for you're not me 
	go and think thru
	and create your own truth 

generation sleeping at the wheel
it's so easy to just let them feed
more important to find a soft way to be
learn to reason, it's all you'll ever need.


	c-:	don't come to me
		if you haven't thought it thru
		if it's not true to you

		[move around, search _all the angles_,
		 doubt, believe, doubt, believe, 
		 find your truth.]

& i wish u

	and i wish u

	take, change the rules, start to breed and be cruel
	leave, do it right, without a fight

	we, caused a mess, on a wheel, dealed with stress
	they, losing ground, trampled down, (can't make a sound)

	ooh we took the right to lead & take control
	and we fail to read the signs, greed has the hold

	and i wish u - peace and love
	and i wish u - some foresight
	and i wish u - words that feel
	and i wish u - strength that's real
	(overall total vision would be the most important one, I guess)

	take, reproduce, modify, spoil the sky
	leave, keep it small, in harmony 

	and we can't change our way, we feel we're on a ride
	destroy who leave, and we can't turn the tide

	and i wish u

she has nothing

			she has  nothing
			 |   |      |				
			hon har ingenting
			(wordsalsoapply to ...but she can ska song)

	how you dare to fuck another
	consequences upon me
	signs are still in me and in her
	damage done is left to see

		things have happened to me
   	             and they've changed me
		                    built me
			    	    turned me 
                 into leather
		i have leather
		and she has nothing

	scars i have are stronger tissue
	drawn in shell and afraid to feel
	handicapped with fear of failure


do without

	= abstainence =

	made choices  thinked thru
	departure from  your glue

	I will be  left could
	you wonder  my how to


	search/taste for  the pure form
	i'll enter  no poison

	step off  I can't see 
	why I should be  part of (U.S.R - the Universal Solvent Routine)

 	*-* there are things I can do without *-*

	seems like  i'm falling
	out from all  this boring

	outside i'm laughing
	perspective you're lacking

	*-* there are certainly things I can easily do without *-*

	(Repeat 1st verse)

	_i'll_ _lead_ _my own life..._

	_i'll_ _find_ _my own way..._

	_please_ _be_ _cool_ _with_ _me_  (I'm ok. with U)

"I must be pure and true. I must contain my views.
 There must be something else.  There must be something good.
 Far away." - Chris Cornell


what the hell is this?
do you call this food?
i can't believe it's that hard
to do it right one time

i slave a job
and i bust my ass
just to get the rent paid
so i make the rules around here

is it too much asked?
to drink a few beers?
and try to watch the ball game
just shut your mouths for a while

is this all you do?
wear this long face?
if you have a problem
you can move the fuck outta here

	don't worry dear
	dad's just tired
	after a hard day
	he loves you
	just close your eyes
	and nevermind 
	all the pain he's causing. forgive me.
	/all the wounds he's opening. never heal.

and i would never do
what wasn't done to me
passing on this feeling
don't know of anything else

you don't see how hard
got this pressure inside
sometimes it finds out
how did I get on this ride?



	chorus x 2