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comfort of here
el manifesto
picky me

lyrics to "This is the New Wave of Political Rock"
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All words written by Ville


   |          ><D         |
   |   A K V A R I U M    |
   |    C><        C><    |

       i learn about their culture
       and order a Big Mac
       i love these foreign customs
       and want some fries with that

ch1:	Bring Your Own Food
	Bring Your Listless Children Too
	Climb In This Akvarium
	It's Alright!

       i travel and gain vision
       there's just no place like home
       and i think they must be stupid (all are stupid)
       their english is so wrong (bad)

ch2:	Bring Your Own Clothes (Laws / Ways)
	Bring Your Goddamn Neighbors Too
	We Built You This Akvarium
	It's Alright!

c-osa:		we bring the dough
		so bring on the show (your life is a show)
               we want so just go

	it's all so beautiful here
[      an international man
       boards a plane and sighs
       subconciously afraid he
       might eat something strange ]

       "This one not nearly as big as the one we have down
        in Fort Lauderdale."
       "And of course he didn't speak any english"

comfort of here

       . the drug of a nation .
        been forgottened here
        have myself to blaim
        box in the middle
        and it drains me day by day

	time keeps on rolling
	seems I missed the ride/game
	hope more resigning
	while tomorrow seems the same

chorus:         Oh please come and take me away
                somewhere I put myself into play
                these times are hard and
                i'm drowning in comfort of here
	time that i've spent here
	when lying to myself
	has been investing
	for greater things coming


	[c:]  	sucking me in
			take this day and throw it all away
			i need to break out
			and insert myself

el manifesto

el manifésto / itwouldbeaboutfuckingtimetowakeupanddosomethingyouknow
"" """""""""
	vow to change, I swear to pick it up
	have these views, got to/start to spread 'em out
	could this be, the change, the way, the new
	i see clear-ly, wish you'd see it too	
		we are all      |  we are   -   all
		we are here     |     X  
		this is all     | this is   -   here
		this is here    |
		I am all        |    I am   -   all
		I am now        |     X	
		this is all     | this is   -   now 	
		this is now     |

	try to bring  out all essential truths
	been unlearned  in all our biggest books
	you stand and lie  you admire the greatest men 
	                       (King, Gandhi, Mandela)
	still you act  all contrary to them

		Cho Rus
	[c.]		-my body clean
			wake! what i mean
			-we're all we are
			and tomorrow's far

"All my life I've been a lonely man, 
 trying to teach people who don't understand."
 - Peter Tosh


\ /
>x<     failure.  (song)
/ \    [fartvideo]


looking back
not one success
all I recall
past regrets

seems as though
all memories
add up to
a failure list

feel sick inside
about things done then
try to hide them down
but that won't help

realizing this
hope it leads to change
and prevents me from
fucking up again

ch:     flashbacks of things going wrong
        part of the deal to get along
        can't live your life afraid of risks
        two sides to negatives


	improved vision / blindfold / jamline

	little girl. eleven years. (age fourteen)
	makes a thousand pairs
	of tennis shoes in a crowded room
	with no bathroom breaks

	but she couldn't even buy 
	a shoe with what she makes (they pay)(Nike pays!)
	her sweat is on a ship gone far
	her sweat is on our shelf (legs)
		so what can you do?  you're everyone
		so what can you do?  you're everyone
		(i wear Nikes)

	adult girl. mom of two. 
	weathers got to her.
	tells her tale to a doctor man 
	who don't have time to care 

	he orders anti-depressant pills. 
	old dope in a new jar.
	her pain is in a doctor bill  
	her pain is in a bar
		so what can I do?  i am everyone.
		so what can I do?  i am everyone. 
		should I? why try?
		could I? find why?


        ^^^^^^^ ^ 
	In the corner standing smaller (riffi x 1)
	Fading faller growing taller (riffi x 1)
You know it's a physical thing
People don't want to know me
I don't look like worth your while
So you don't give me the time of day

    I am air,       I am Nobody           to know
    Left there,     I am nobody           to know

Evolution made my problem real
Competition ranks me with them

You know it's a physical thing
You don't want to be polite
Then I should I go and try to win you over
You don't want me anyway

    I am #23,       I am Nobody           to know
    No fair,        I am nobody           to know

picky me

      picky me.         ----\          /\       /\ 
                       /---\ |           |.   .| 	
      [cheesy-ass-     | x | |           |     |
      pop-song-98]      \___/            |  X  |
                                         |     |
      again i'm arriving home alone      |  .  |
	weight pressing, slowly turning stone
	sits there at the bottom of my lungs
	reminding that nothing had I done

	i know what's causing it for sure
	thousands of chances gone for poor
	standing there helpless with no clue
	wished for a stroke of luck of yyou (ooh angél)

    [b:]	i know that you are still out there
		some of these days i have to dare
		I've got to find a reach to yyou.u.u.u.u.

    [ch:rus]		i call me: picky, picky me
			i'm just all clueless here, you see

			i tell me: somewhere has to be
			someone that's made for/good for picky me



	my conviction to hate
	feel so real, violence and fear

	uniform of brutality
	shave my head, got an pilot coat

	our hobby is to drive around
	trying to release, self-brought pain

	brainwashed?, oh no not me,
	color of your skin, is a such a sin

		STUPID FUCKER! (take ME on)

	I see all 10 of you
	as a threat to my wealth
	and I've always just recieved
	but I want some more, and none to y'all

	now we're coming and making ground
	wear ties and suits, and work big wheels

	now we're in you cause you agree
	you feel the same, so go right ahead


	and you all agree
	and we all agree
	can't stand them either
	hanging around our corners
	with new leather jackets on
	and our hard-earned money in their pockets
	now son, it's time we choose a side
	who's side should you be taking?
	who's side should you be taking?
	who's side should you be taking?
	who's motherfucking side you're taking?