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Pathways to Blanket Picture Galleries

Photos from the first days of recording the new album.

Live at Taiteiden Yö 2004 Looking good and rocking hard.

Hard at work. In the studio in Orimattila late February 2004.

Live at KyläsaariRock 4 by Mytty Messmer

Live at Stella Star Club taken by Jouni Vilen in the summer of 2003

In The Studio Mr. Jussi captured the last day of recording in digitale in April 2002.

Live in Vernissa w/ OJ is the theme as we have pictures to go along our video clip and the live mp3's.

Three Shots of Blanket in action at the 2001 Louhela Jam Club. Photographed by Pete Limón.

One mugshot of the posing Blanket's sporting the Blanket 2000 Fall Collection for men.

Sights from the Blanket World Tour - and some cool older photos as well. It's all true.

Tshirt Mania - a batch of lomographs featuring coolster R-man Kalenius. Get yer own.

Blanket Live in Gloria - well photographed by the one-and-only Big-Bad-OJ-Hyttinen. We salute thee.

Meet the New Blankets in this cool set of photographs taken by our very own Jussi "O.J" Hyttinen.

A collection of beautiful pictures taken by Kai Lindqvist

Some strange pictures you just gotta see