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June 8 2006 - Keep it Rokking.

Howdy y'all. Just updated the gigs page with notes and a setlist from the last one and added info on a new one in July. Simo won't be there for that next one, so Pikkis from the awesome Clark Kent will be taking over bass duties. Should be ok cause Pikkis is a versatile man. The LP recordings are going great, it's a slow process but we're real happy with the stuff we've gotten together so far. And you might have noticed; we booked ourselves a domain name of our own - is the new home of all that is Blanket. We'll have a new site design and everything once the LP is out, which looks like October 2006 now. Good things happen to those who wait. Peace and love, sisters. vk.

November 27 2005 - The Big One?

Hi people. Hope you're still there and doing fine. This is big news, at least for us: Blanket's going to try to record a full length album this winter. We're going to do it all by ourselves so we can't make any promises how it's going to turn out or when is going to come out cause we just don't know. Jaakko from Clark Kent will be helping out a lot by recording it and we've already gotten some work done for it. I've read so many studio diaries from other people so thought that it would be fair and useful to try to do one myself -> check the Blanket LP 2006 Diary for hopefully continuous updates. It's an exciting time for the band, we're going to try to get the all-time best out of the band, so wish us luck and stay tuned. Thanks. - ville k.

July 14 2005 - It's alive!

Howdy y'all! The Rok Band Blanket has been operating far below the radar for a while now, but we're not dead, no sir. First; we have one very exciting gig coming up at Semifinal on July 30th 2005. We'll be rockin' like crazy since it's been a while since the last one, so this one's going to be worth checking out.

Second; we like all kinds of internet competitions where you can win stuff. In an effort to kind of see what you guys enjoy the hear live, we decided to put together the Blanket = Human Jukebox Competition! Follow the link and Vote for the song which you would like to hear us play live at Semifinal and we'll play the tune that gets the most votes. One lucky voter will get a free admission to the gig and a special backstage pass too. (If you've been to the Semifinal backstage, you know it's pretty special)

3rd; we've been working on new songs slowly but surely all year and will play a few new ones at Semifinal. We also have studio time booked in September so some sort of release should be expected later on. Anyways, hope to see you at Semifinal! Take care.

November 15 2004 - New People and Songs too!!!

It's been looong; best news first: yesterday night Nov 14th 2004 our drummer Willi's wife Mytty gave birth to a healthy baby girl! Blanket congratulates and wishes all the best to all three.

A lot of updates here at the pages; finally some new material available right now: the Blanket/Varttisäkki-split-EP-2004 features two new songs from Blanket: "Rolemodels" and "My Sworn Enemy" and they are available for Listen and Download and Purchase right this minute! The new release is manufactured using the brand new revolutionary IFC Copy Encouraged™ technology, so buy one and spread the wealth to your friends!

Also some new photos from the recent Taiteiden Yö gig have been added to the pages and notes from the Meijerirock gig were added to the GIGs page.

Sorry for the lack of updates; another Kyläsaarirok is in the cards for early 2005 and some gigs most likely too. We got a new cdr printer so we finally have the means to produce good looking cdr's all by ourselves, so the Blanket back catalog finally looks as good as ever and we should able to shelve out new stuff with a much faster pace than before. But dig on the new songs; it's a bit different from what we've done before, so we'd love to hear your comments via the Blanket Guestbook. Thanks and take care!

February 10 2004 - Never been gone!

Long time no update! Rumors about our demise have been grandly overstated. We have spent the last months in the cold comforts of our Kyläsaari practise space pounding out new material from the upcoming festival season, which is always an active time for Blanket. (yea)

After some pre-demoing, we will be entering a recording studio for a weekend at the end of February. The plan is to record 1 or 2 songs depending on the day's performance. We have about 4-5 new songs ready and done and about the same amount in waiting, some working titles are (namessubjecttochange) "My Sworn Enemy (Turned Out to Be a Nice Guy)", "Marseille", "Visual Basic" and "Bordeaux". (Viva la France!) Most likely we'll record 1-2 of those tunes.

To end a long drought, we have one gig coming up at Factory with king-rockers Vesilaitos. We are gathering courage to play a fully "Blanket plays New Songs" set, but don't know if we are capable of it. Vesilaitos will rock and pack the house, so it should be interesting nevertheless. That's it for now; sorry for not keeping up with you guys, it's been busy as hell back home. Let's born to ROK!

October 10 2003 - Island Rokked 100%!

Howdy folks. Thanks for showing up at Kyläsaarirok 4! It was a good night amongst good people, hope to see you there next year. The GIGs page recaps the Blanket set and deeper feelings. Your dancing skills were reviewed at the webzine, check here for Sbergo's views on the bands and boogies. The same man using the same space interviewed a caffeine-filled Ville on his views on Blanket, Israel and other random topics. Good reading for Finnish speakers. Take it easy.

September 23 2003 - Village Island Booty Rok 4!

You might have read it at the GIGz page or heard it through the grapevine -> the legendary booty-shakin' name-takin' ass-bakin' human festival Kyläsaarirok a ka Village Island Rok is just around the corner! The place to be next saturday is the near-caribbian-cruiser Ravintolalaiva Wäiski, parked firmly in Hakaniemi, Helsinki. Tickets cost 4 euro, a cheap price for one of the best line-ups in near history. Taking the stage will be Blanket, Kronik, Clark Kent and Kometa. Might be one of the last chances to see a few of these bands on anything less than a stadium. Believe the hype, tell your friends, Kyläsaarirok is everything! Be there!

While you can't wait for next saturday, prepare yourself for Blanket by listening to some good quality live mp3's recorded at Semifinal in March 2003. Surf over to the Blanket Live at the <enter name here> page!

July 14 2003 - Go, now.

Hi, a quick update; we're short notice. This wednesday; July 16th, we'll be throwing in a quick set at the Summer Club II at the Stella Star Club in Helsinki. Come and check us out if you can. We'll be playing first on a quality bill; the last in line, Kometa, is one of the most exciting local bands around. See the GIGs page for more info and links and stuff.

April 17 2003 - War, what is it good for?

Howdy y'all. Some good news; one cool gig lined up; the annual Louhela Jam Outdoor Extravaganza will this year be featuring Blanket! We'll be rokking along great local bands with the excellent Reprinted headlining and exploding stuff too. Hope the weather is beautiful and Vantaa shows up in force. More info at the We Be Giggin' page.

Also; our latest effort "7" was reviewed by the webzine You can read the review by clicking on this link. The release is also now available for purchase thru our Consume Brother! page. Recommended while stocks last. Have a good easter holiday, hope to see you at Louhela. Peace and rok too!

February 7 2003 - New Music Online Now!

Well, there it is; three songs of new material from Blanket available as always from our MP3 Page. "Henry the Killer", "Ivalo" and "Reservoir" were recorded in two days at the Harju studio in Helsinki with Juha Kapiainen recording and mixing and Tuukka Järvinen producing and keeping things rolling. Sticking with the number theme, the new batch carries the index "7", we have some sort of small time release planned and hope to have some sort of cool physical record available by the Semifinal gig in March.

Finally we're getting our shit together with the Blanket mailinglist, so please join in if you're interested in getting the latest info on the band delivered to your email address. The Meet the Band page has the right tool for the important task. Recommended.

But without delay, go check out the new songs and new lyrics too. If possible, please comment on the new stuff to us personally at or to the GUESTbook. Hope you enjoy the new music. Take care.